To support maternal and child healthcare needs in a cost-efficient, community-oriented and sustainable manner.


No child should be denied right to appropriate, life saving healthcare due to financial or systematic constraints


Ekam Covid-19 Response

As all of you know Covid has caused havoc in India. While everyone is focusing on healthcare ( understandable) a different crisis of hunger is unfolding. We are raising funds specifically for that purpose. Cdn $30 can provide food and hygiene kit per person for a Month. It’s small amount for us but huge difference for them. Please consider donating 1 to 4 kits, 30 to 120 dollars. All proceeds collected till Sunday May 9 midnight will go for this purpose. You can specify the state if you want. All proceeds to AP, Telangana and Karnataka.

send e-Transfer to info@ekamcanada.org




Dr. Rama Koneru


I am a practicing Medical oncologist in Durham regional Cancer Centre, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
I was a Class mate of Dr. Sai Lakshmi, founder of Ekamoneness, at Gandhi medical college in Hyderabad,India. After migrating to Canada, I have finished Internal Medicine residency at University of Toronto and Medical oncology training at McMaster University, Hamilton. I also finished one year of fellowship In New drug development in McMaster and a Masters in Health Administration at University of Toronto.

I have a firsthand experience treating children of parents with financial hardships and the despair in their Eyes at not being able to save their child even after selling everything they have. Practicing under universal healthcare system in Canada has made me realize the wonders that kids can achieve despite medical issues in life if we can support them appropriately. Dr. Sai Lakshmi’s work and dedication in trying to remove the financial and system constraints that kids experience in India inspired me, and I am committed in helping kids in need of financial support for health care and giving back to the community that has helped me immensely both in India and Canada.


Mrs. Geetha L Desu


I am a licensed insurance broker working as account executive since more than a decade, I work with clients and help them get the right insurance for their needs, which includes personal and business insurance needs. Outside of my profession, I have been volunteering at Manabadi, a non profit organization, teaching Telugu language to kids for the past four years. I have also volunteer at various community activities of the public schools and religious places. I am passionate about helping anyone in need, and a firm believer of giving back to the community. Dr. Sai Lakshmi's Ekam has inspired me and will be devoting my time and efforts in helping needing kids across globe through EKAM Canada initiative. I am thankful to Dr. Rama Devi Koneru for introducing me to EKAM.

Mr. Niranjan Kamath


I am A Pharmacist by education with years of experience working in the health Care sector in India and Canada. I am very passionate about offering needy services to women and children. Education and health are two areas I would like to focus. I am looking forward towards leveraging the immense reach and goodwill generated through Ekam to the people who deserve this help the most.

Madhu image

Mrs. Madhu Mundluru


As a foundation that gives so much to children who are in need of basic medical facilities and healthcare, Ekam drew my attention given my interest to help those in need and give back to society. As someone who previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry, I have seen first-hand the positive impacts that a strong healthcare system can have on a society. I believe that with all the amazing work Ekam has done so far, and now with the new Canadian chapter, we can make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most.


Ms. Mahathi Mundluru

Youth Embassador

As a recent business graduate from Western University, I am currently working as a business analyst in the telecom industry. Through the course of my university career, I spent a lot of time working with student groups and non-profit organizations that supported a variety of causes including international development, Multiple Sclerosis and new immigration settlement. EKAM's mission to remove financial barriers for healthcare is so inspiring and I look forward to working with students and youth to share the importance of this issue with the next generation.



Inspired by selfless work of Dr. Sailakshmi through Ekam foundation in India we started this organization with the goal of helping financially strapped parents of children with health issues.
All our team members are volunteers and in addition to time have contributed their money towards a goal that is very dear to their heart we have grown to include and support our partners – POGO, Solis eye care in addition to Ekam Foundation.

we strive to keep our administrative costs very low so that most funds could be utilized for the purpose.The team so far has picked up the costs of hosting website , telephone line etc from their pockets.

Our goal is to limit admin costs to10 % of all donation amount going forward. this separates us from big organizations that tend to spend sometimes 30 to 40 % on administrative and marketing costs.

We welcome like minded individuals from all walks of life to join us in they good cause.


Please donate generously for the divine cause


Do you want to be a Volunteer, please let us know by contacting us