Inspired by selfless work of Dr. Sailakshmi through Ekam foundation in India we started this organization with the goal of helping financially strapped parents of children with health issues.
All our team members are volunteers and in addition to time have contributed their money towards a goal that is very dear to their heart we have grown to include and support our partners – POGO, Solis eye care in addition to Ekam Foundation.

we strive to keep our administrative costs very low so that most funds could be utilized for the purpose.The team so far has picked up the costs of hosting website , telephone line etc from their pockets.

Our goal is to limit admin costs to10 % of all donation amount going forward. this separates us from big organizations that tend to spend sometimes 30 to 40 % on administrative and marketing costs.

We welcome like minded individuals from all walks of life to join us in they good cause.